Sunday, January 1, 2012

HARLO 2012

Bye 2011, Hi 2012!!!

2011 has been a fruitful year for me....i've learnt so much through 1 year of working...things i couldn't have learn in 16 years of studies.

i did not really have a new year resolution for 2011...all because i was an unfocused, undetermined new graduate at the end of 2010. But by the end of 2011, i knew what i wanted in my personal life, career and future. so here goes...

1. To have more FOCUS in work. Although my work is kinda flexible in the sense that u can do whatever u like as long as u complete all your work and hit your KPIs, it definitely requires lots and lots of discipline. Something that i think i lack of in 2011. Sure, I was able to do well in work and in that process earn quite well =P....but still, i know that i did not put my 100% in it. SO FOR 2012, I WOULD GIVE 120% IN MY CAREER!!!

2. Strive for career advancement. i got the recognition i deserve when GM followed me out for fieldwork (definitely the scariest moment of my life....although he intimidates the hell out of me, a hands on GM is somewhat better than other GMs who sits in the office all day long). Identifying me as someone to look out for to my ABM & NSM is 1 step closer to my long term career plans. NOW IT'S TIME TO MOVE ANOTHER STEP CLOSER...

3. Financial planning. With a large chunk of monthly salary going off to parents, insurance, car loan, house loan and credit cards payment, i would have to be more prudent in my savings. Happy to say i've done quite well in 2011. MUST CONTINUE TO SAVE MORE IN 2012!!!

4. Start paying my student loan. I'm so embarassed to admit that i have not been paying my RM40k debt in 2011. MUST START PAYING at least RM12k/year and settle off student loan by 2015 or I'll be in debt till im old!!!

5. FURTHER STUDIES = MBA by end of 2012!!!


7. Wow, Sheng and I are going into our 5th year now...time really does fly. =) and every single moment in the last 5 years was others, when u r already in a 5-year relationship, u would hv probably met with the parents, grandparents, extended families etc. But not in our case...yes, we've met each others' parents...but just short meetings n never for dinner or anything significant. Same goes to extended families, some knew that we are in a relationship, some do not hv a clue at all. Mostly because we prefer living in our own world and never like people asking us too many questions (think of ur own personal situation in family gatherings, weddings, CNY, and times that by 100x o.O). So, for 2012, should we make an effort to branch out and explore the possibilities of meeting the families??? ....we'll see how it goes. CNY is less than a month away...

8. MORE HOLIDAYS!!!! ya, a lil' against resolution #3 (where i'm supposed to save more $$$). But i believe all work n no play...will not make me a dull person, it'll only make me CRAAZEEEE!!! Sheng and I started off the holiday thing quite successfully in 2011, where we paid our own way to HONG KONG!!! before that, it was either KL or Genting (meh!)...

@ Victoria Peak

@ Jumbo Floating Restaurant

and to start off my holiyear 2012..I'm going to JAPAN!!! with my colleagues in 6 days time!!! i LOVE u Uncle Pfizer!!!

(Hi Mt Fuji! see you in one week!!!) YAY!!!!

*abrupt ending to post*



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